Mission and Values

HOPE: Global is a faith-based, non-profit organization that exists to restore hope and justice. We offer practical solutions to countries devastated by war, genocide and poverty. By developing local relationships, we empower people to bring reconciliation and restore hope and dignity.

We have a number of strategic projects operating in Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Cambodia that are designed to increase the capacity of the local people to be the solution to poverty their own communities.

This vision is outworked through Education Training Programs that empower the education system at government, sector and local levels; through the generation of communities for widows and orphans; and aligning ourselves with local champions who are making significant contributions to their communities.

Our Purpose: 

To serve others.


To serve other people and nations to reduce poverty, achieve sustainable development and to bring spiritual strength and social justice to every segment of society.

Our Values: 

Servanthood, partnership, capacity building, integrity.