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HOPE Education

HOPE: Global's Education program started in 2006 in Rwanda to assist the post-genocide rebuilding of a decimated education system and is now operating in Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Cambodia strengthening education organisations through training.

The HOPE Global Education program decided from the beginning that we would follow a collaborative model - to come alongside existing schools and educators and ask, "How can we help?" by aligning our training tasks to the local needs and working training into existing local and national plans. 

  • Our mission is to build the capacity of existing education systems and nonprofits working with children in post-conflict and impoverished countries. 
  • Our vision is to see the quality of education increased through training such that many more of the world's children are equipped and empowered to determine their own future and participate in the global community. 

We gather and brief professionals who wish to volunteer 2-3 weeks of their time to train in a developing country. Volunteers are placed within teams with specific training goals to accomplish HOPE: Global Education program achieves international development goals.

Education is the key to unlocking a country’s potential for economic growth:

  • An individual’s potential income can increase as much as 10% with each additional year of schooling.

  • A farmer’s productivity increases nearly 9% with 4 years of primary schooling.

  • Annual GDP increases by 1% with each year of additional schooling.

  • An increase of one standard deviation in student scores on international assessments of literacy and mathematics is associated with a 2% increase in annual GDP per capita growth.

If all students in low income countries left school with basic reading skills 171 million people could be lifted out of poverty. This is equal to a 12% cut in global poverty.