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Participant Profiles

Some stories of those who have completed the HOPE Education training course

Name: Clementine
Age: 27
Family: One of 5 orphans, was 11 years during the genocide
Teaching experience: 8 years teaching primary
Likes: Doing sport
Tertiary education: None

From the HOPE Education training I have learnt to respect the time, work hard and also different life skills. I have improved my speaking and teaching through different methods and techniques and I am proud of this. This year (2009) I have trained my fellow teachers in Special Needs Education, as my school sends me to train because I work hard. The children at my school are not active due to environment, supporters, parents and too much theory. This made me get tired very easily.

I will be happy to see you again, I hope to see you in 2010. I hope you will remember me, and hope for good days to come.

Pictured: Clementine (center) with some of the HOPE Education team 2009