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Why Training?

Why Do we Train Teachers?

In pondering the future, I keep coming back to the question “What will genuinely make a difference in both countries with regards to education?” This means continually going back to both contexts and asking, ”How best can we help?” In one way, this is more difficult than following a set 5-year program. However, strong communication in an atmosphere of collaboration and respect seems to ensure that our efforts are effective and truly empower and equip teachers in these countries.

Some may ask “Why teacher training?"

We know education is a powerful means of influencing a nation's future and is effective in combating poverty. But sending a child to school does guarantee a positive outcome.

In a 2007 paper at a UNESCO conference on Sub Saharan education the following observation was made:

“..Even if all children get into school by 2015, what is really important in terms of long-term poverty reduction and the enhancement of the quality of their lives is that:

(a) they manage to stay in school and complete the education cycle and

(b) that they receive a quality education experience which is sufficient to enable them to become independent life-long learners as a result of having been in school. The quality of education and training of teachers is central to this..”.[1]

Hope Education is committed to seeing teachers equipped and empowered to bring quality education to the next generation in developing nations such as Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Cambodia. Every year Aussie volunteers travel with Hope Education to these countries to work developing teachers and teacher trainers.

By Michelle Shaw - HOPE Education Program Manager.

[1] Yates, C. Teacher education policy: International development discourses and the development of teacher education,2007