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Schools Partnership Program

Since 2006, many schools have partnered with HOPE Education. In an effort to make effective, easily manageable connections, we have set up a program which can be tailored to meet individual school requirements.


  • Presentations
    During an assembly a presentation is made to staff and students about the challenges for schooling and school children in post-conflict countries such as Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Cambodia. Some schools book this during Missions Week, DET Harmony Week or as part of Global Education across the school. In addition, brief presentations to Staff and/or School Boards can be booked.

  • Class Specific Studies
    Studying genocide? Rwandan, Cambodia, Kenyan or Ugandan history? Global Perspectives? Aid & Development? Book one of our staff to speak to your students about your specific studies. We can also assist with additional resource if you are studying Rwanda/Genocide in particular. 

  • Fundraising Events
    Staff and students can decide to hold a fundraising event to raise funds for teacher training programs and schools in Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda and Cambodia. Fundraising engages the students in something practical they can do in response to what they have heard.

  • Sister Schools
    In some cases direct sister school connections are also established.


    The Youth Ambassador Program is an opportunity for high school students to learn firsthand about aid & development organisations and the work that goes on in the field, by participating in training, fundraising and an Ambassador trip to Rwanda or Cambodia. Full details about the Youth Ambassador Program here.

For more details about opportunities for your staff and students please download our Schools Pack below.

Download Hope Global Schools Pack