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Cambodia has greatly suffered the effects of genocide. During the 5 year reign of Pol Pot and Khmer Rouge, nearly 2 million Cambodians died from execution, forced hardships or starvation. The educated class was specifically targeted. During the Khmer Rouge regime, nearly the entire educated class was murdered. More than 2 decades later, the education system has not yet fully recovered from the devastation of this genocide. Cambodia has been left with a very young population (almost half the population under 18) and 9% of the country's children are orphans. 

We strengthen existing organisations and schools by training their staff annually to increase their effectiveness and quality of service delivery. Over the last couple of years, HOPE has delivered training on quality teaching, secondary science, First Aid English to teachers from 20+ Christian schools and hundreds teachers across Cambodia. 


Whilst in Cambodia volunteers will connect and engage with our key partners on the ground. Volunteer teams will: 

  • Run two three day conferences that will see over 160 Primary and High school teachers and head teachers trained and up-skilled in their roles 
  • Train local communities in areas of reproductive health and sanitation 


2017 Trip dates: 28th September - 8th October *

Approximate Trip costs: $2000 - $2800

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"One of the regular attendees...for the past three years was asked...why he is committed to bring along his staff. He said that his staff get so much from the conferences and using them in their own classrooms. His teachers have changed the way that they teach because of their participation in the HOPE: Global Conferences. Hearing this really does make all our hard work as a team worthwhile. We are on a journey of change in Cambodia, with education being the key to that change." - HOPE: Education volunteer and participant

"What an amazing, mind blowing, captivating moment as the teachers were displaying all of their material. The walls became alive with colour, alive with things they made with passion and purpose"
- HOPE: Education volunteer

"One man painted a bird with many colours...when I asked him why...what does it mean to you...he said 'this is how I feel. People have tried to control me or tell me what I need to be but this bird represents freedom. I am now free to be myself, I can fly, I can do anything' ".
- HOPE: Global volunteer and participant

"Many of them (NGO workers) shared the joy they experienced in being strengthened through training" - HOPE: Education Team Leader