GLobal impact


To strengthen Education Delivery Organisations in Kenya through training


Kenya is one of the most populous countries in Africa, with about 39 million people. HIV, orphans, vulnerable children and poverty are some of the issues facing the people of this East African country. In the Education sector, there is a lack of access to quality education, lack of access to education for orphans and vulnerable children, and a lack of competency and training amongst teachers (in particular in the field of ICT and Early Childhood Education).


Our work in Kenya is primarily focused in the slums of Nairobi and also in the north of Kenya. We gather together local NGO's to strengthen and equip through training. 

Tasks Include:

  • Developing and delivering site-specific teacher training and NGO staff training on student behaviour management, special needs education, English, making learning materials, first aid, IT, leadership and community health 

  • Assisting with vision screening, treatment and the development of programs and training local teachers and NGO staff to work with vision impaired students

  • Training in Early Childhood and Primary Teaching skills

  • Assisting existing non-profits build capacity


    "When I think about my experience when travelling to Uganda and Kenya this year with HOPE: Education, 'WOW' is what comes to mind...I saw each member of the team work diligently to present their best ideas and resources and give themselves to the people of Africa...I still find it mind-blowing that God chose seven, everyday bring hope...I will never be the same again."

     - Jen