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HOPE : Global has been working in Rwanda since 2006. We have some of our strongest relationships in Rwanda, having worked at multiple levels including with the government as well as local schools and projects to improve the quality of education and help break the cycle of poverty.

We also have physical projects in Rwanda that HOPE: Global has partnered with to bring about long-term development and sustainable poverty reduction initiatives in, these projects include:
  • Fruits of Hope School – Starting as a pre-school class of 24 children, this school is now a fully accredited pre-school and primary school with over 330 students enrolled. HOPE: Global assists with infrastructure, teacher training, health, vocational training and child education sponsorship.  The Fruits of Hope model is also been extended to rural parts of Rwanda across 3 schools. 
  • The HOPE: Global Training Centre is a new initiative in Rwanda from 2016 onwards. This exciting project will see Hope Global establish a 24/7 presence in Kigali, Rwanda as we seek to extend our commitment to serving this nation. The Training Centre will be a hub for meeting the practical, spiritual and educational needs of individuals, communities and organisations. Further information about this project coming soon. 
  • The RCA (Ruhinga Christian Academy) Education & Community Development Project is an extension of our partnership with Nicholas and Elsie at Link Ministries in Rwanda, whom we partnered with for the Village of Hope . Hope Global is partnering with Link Ministries as they establish a school in a small community in the East of Rwanda, an area that is still experiencing severe poverty. The school will seek to be a champion for the holistic transformation of communities in its vicinity by taking an active role in the life of these communities through its educational and social entrepreneurial programs. Further information about the first steps for this project coming soon. 


IN Rwanda, volunteers will:

  • Run professional development training for teachers and head teachers at Fruits of Hope School and RCA
  • Run vision screening, health workshops for adults and children in remote communities
  • Work alongside marginalized women to up-skill them in income-generating skills and more
  • Run a one-day conference for Christian Teachers of Rwanda 
  • Maintain infrastructure of HOPE: Global projects and any other building/ maintenance work our partners need 



People to join our team with the following (although not limited to) training/experience:

  • Teachers
  • Musicians
  • Health Professionals
  • Photographers & Videographers
  • Excellent communicators & storytellers
  • Administrators
  • Tradesmen - Carpenters, electricians, plumbers and more
  • People with hearts to serve!


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