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3 days 78 lives changed

The HOPE Team - Tuesday, October 18, 2016


"The Heart of Wisdom Teacher Training Conference has come to an end for this year. We had 6 schools represented and 78 participants, with more schools in the local community wanting to attend. That is a good problem to have! We just have to find a way to accommodate them as we have limited space.

Across the three days, the teachers received training in behaviour management, differentiation, learning styles, how to create a positive learning environment, disability and stream sessions in Maths and Science. Disability was a very well received topic. We had Ream, principal at Heart of Wisdom School share about a disabled girl who has come to their school and their care who had major anger management issues. This young girl now does not have those issues due to a whole school approach from Heart of Wisdom and teachers believing in her. She is actually a very clever young lady and she participated in our community training on Sunday with the Days for Girls Kits. Our translator, Abraham also shared his experience as living as a disabled person in Cambodia. The teachers were keenly listening to every word from Ream and Abraham.

During our Science sessions over the three days, we learnt about the human body, waves, air resistance, atomic structure and The Periodic Table. The teachers made Q tip skeletons, model lungs and learnt how to measure their lung capacity using a balloon and a piece of string, utilising three different methods. The teachers built string telephones, which had everyone in fits a laughter especially when everyone decided to cross their lines! We explored the concept of air resistance by looking at which fell first to the ground - a feather or a paper clip. From this activity, they built parachutes from plastic bags and string, with a paper clip as a weight. We played a game of Element Bingo using the Periodic Table. Finally, the teachers designed a poster to display the atomic structure of an element using different coloured stars."



"The 2016 Heart of Wisdom School Teacher Training conference built on the success of last year’s initial conference in Takeo province. It is a real privilege to partner with Kit and Ream’s vision ( leaders of Greater Hope Orphanage and Principal Heart of Wisdom School) for supporting the development of educational opportunities and meeting health / parenting needs for the local community. The teacher training program is based on feedback from the school leaders and teachers from six local schools.

The Hope Global team proved very flexible in refining the training during the conference to better meet the teachers professional learning needs. It is very encouraging to see the teacher’s enthusiasm for learning and the growing depth of understanding regarding the focus on better meeting student needs. Teachers certainly have increased clarity about differentiation of teaching & learning and the importance of specific planning on a whole school basis to meet student needs (especially considering disabilities). Provision of a variety of teaching strategies to develop learning in Maths and Science were targeted this year with an active learner approach.

There are a number of teachers who attended the conference who could possibly join the Hope Global team in providing professional learning in future years thus making it more sustainable over the long term. Supporting this is always our vision for the future.

I look forward to seeing what God has planned for the Takeo province schools and how the Hope Global teams in the future can support them shoulder to shoulder. It is great to encourage the teachers to have a positive impact on the future leaders of Cambodia. "


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