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5 Tips For Fundraising

The HOPE Team - Friday, January 30, 2015

With so many charity events and fundraising pages out there today, it can be really hard to engage your peers and networks to support your cause. Why should people sponsor you for taking part in a walk? 

Research has found that adding value to people is key! Taking the time to engage, include and give back to your network of supporters is the recipe for any fundraising success.  People will generally give more when they are getting something back in return. So, whether you looking for a new fundraising avenues or you are in need of extra sponsorship for that walking fundraiser, here are 5 quick fundraising tips and ideas to help you out!

 Tip 1: Host a dinner party!
Who has ever declined an invitation to a dinner party? Dinner parties are a great way to connect with people and a brilliant way to chat about your heart and motivation behind your fundraising.  It can even motivate those you talk to, to join in with you. At $10-$15 donation on entry you can easily boost your sponsorship. If your friends see your passion, they will be inspired to help and join in however they can.

Tip 2: Host a Trivia Night!
Trivia Nights are such fun and exciting ways to get lots of people together to have a great night for charity! If you have enough space to hold large groups of people, whether it's a park, someone's back yard, or a community centre, you can open it up to the public with a $10 entry fee per person or $30 for families. 

The attendees can even bring a plate to share! Trivia nights are also a great way to connect with your community and to show off the local talent. Live auctions can take place for pieces of artwork created by local artists, live music from the creative youth in your area, there are so many different things that can take place, it doesn't just have to be a question and answer!

Tip 3: Bake Sale!
Bake sales are brilliant if you have children at school or if you work in an office environment. If you have permission from your children's school to hold a small cake stall at recess and lunch, students from primary school to Year 12 will love it and run for it at break times. They'll most likely tell their parents about it as well, spreading the word about your chosen fundraising event. The same goes for your office or work space! If you have a plate of delicious goodies ready and waiting in a common area, selling for $2 per piece, the plate will be empty by 1pm!

Tip 4: A Collection Box!
Something as simple as a collection box, even if it's an old tin can with pictures of of the organisation you are fundraising for, will get people asking questions and donating their loose change to your chosen fundraiser. You'd be surprised how generous people can be when it's an anonymous donation!

Tip 5: Social Media!
Post a video, photo or even a blog about what you are doing to fundraise, why you are doing it and what your goals are. If you are training for a long distance walk, post a photo of you with a puffy red face! If you are sewing blankets or clothes, post about your progress! Don't forget to add a link to your posts to take people to where they can donate to your fundraiser. People connect with other people, these posts will bring awareness about your fundraiser and charity and will inspire others to help as well. 

We hope these tips have been useful! If you would like to be a part of our annual fundraiser, we encourage you to join us on the 28th of February for the WALK OF HOPE 2015, at Avoca Beach, Central Coast, as well as Cronulla, Sydney. Sign up here: http://tix.yt/walkofhope2015