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CKS Day 2

The HOPE Team - Friday, April 20, 2012

Before dawn I hear the crowing of many roosters. With first light I rise to wash. The rainy season has arrived and torrential rain echoes on the tin roof. The shower is outside and has 4 walls but not a roof. I time my bucket bath well and have a mix of suds, rain and cold water from a jerry can for a refreshing start to the day. Breakfast is warm chapatti and boiled egg. The team is amazing and we banter at the table and listen to stories of the day before.

The torrential rain finishes around 8am but delays the beginning of the school day. Most students wait until the showers cease to begin their walk to school. My first lesson is with about 60 Year 4 students (the teacher informs me that the class is small due to the rain) looking at descriptive language and grammar games. After that, I teach Year 5 research and note taking skills. I love this lesson as 89 students quietly break into groups and work studiously to research and report on lions. As I walk across the playground I feel I could be in any school in Australia. There are children playing, arguing chasing and singing- with the exception perhaps that pigs and sheep wander amongst the noisy throng and children pump water to wash their plates after lunch

After lunch, feeding up to 3000 students, the students are dismissed and teacher training sessions begin. In one sense I feel I should be being trained by the teachers here. After all they manage up to 100 students in a class with no more than a chalkboard.

The training has a wonderful feel though. My task is to introduce ICT in the computer room. “How many people have ever used a computer?”I ask. Only 1 or 2 from each group of 40 have ever used a computer, but by the end of the session they are excitedly using Microsoft Word to write a letter. I am grateful for Curtis on our team who gently encourages each person to have a go and assists where help is needed

Wendy trains on Special needs and Maureen and Natalie train on nutrition and hygiene. The response is great and we feel it has been a good day. (Michelle)