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February News!

The HOPE Team - Wednesday, February 08, 2012

The School has a roof – thank you!


In December 2011, there was an urgent need for a roof on the new building at Fruits of Hope Academy in Rwanda who were unable to hold classes in the church building from January 2012.

As of last week, the classes were being held in the new building (pictured) and the students were able to resume thier studies without interruption.

Thank you to all who donated to see this accomplished. There is still a need to paint the classrooms and to furnish them with desks and chairs, if you’d like to contribute to these items please click here.

“We cannot stop smiling…”


These children are some of the students on HOPE scholarships who attend Kigali City School. They wished to send this photo to show their sponsors that they “cannot stop smiling” and could someone please tell the sponsors for them!

Stanley, who is now in Primary 6 said,

“I consider myself to be one of the lucky children in my nation. Do you know how it feels to see your parent failing to send you to school? We are so, so, so proud of HOPE Rwanda. We take you to be a very good parent. Seeing ourselves in a good school and well dressed makes our hearts so proud of HOPE Rwanda. We love and pray for whoever gives so we can attend school.”

Stanley would like to become the President of Rwanda one day. “I do well in school. I want to work hard. I do not want to be poor like my parents. I want to have children and my children shall go to good schools. I will also make sure that I will put in school students whose parents cannot do it for them. Thank you”

T-SHIRT COMPETITION – Great cause, Great prizes!

We’re opening a t-shirt competition for all you creative types out there…

So here’s how it works: Get out all those artsy pens, pencils and markers you haven’t used in ages (or illustration software for all you techies) and create something powerfully unique to support Rwanda. We’ve decided to give this competition a theme… wait for it… “Regrowth”!
You might be asking the following: what’s the goal? Well, we’re glad you asked. The goal is to create a culture of support and recognition of where the need is. By donating some of your time to this creative endeavor you will be giving HOPE: Global the chance to not only raise awareness but also funding for so many of the hands-on projects that are taking place.
Specifics of the designs should be the following:

  • No larger than 30cm/20cm.
  • No violence or questionable material, please.
  • There isn’t a limit to the colours, but keep in mind the image designed will be printed on either white or black t-shirts depending on what is created/will look best.

The prizes are as follows:

  • 1st Prize – The winner will have their designed t-shirt made into a limited order of 1,500 shirts that will be available on our website.
  • 2nd Prize – A copy of the book soon to be released “Rwanda: Speak, I’m Listening”.
  • 3d Prize – A bag full of Hope: Global merchandise.

So go on, get those creative juices flowing and get on board to help where you can; we are so very excited to see what you all put in!

Send in all your genius creations to: info@hope-global.org

Deadline is the 3rd of March!