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HOPE: Global October Update + 2013 Volunteer Dates!

The HOPE Team - Friday, October 12, 2012

HOPE: Education Cambodia 2012

Our incredible HOPE: Education team have recently returned from 2 weeks in Cambodia, where they ran two conferences focusing on quality teaching, ICT, project management and community health, as well as a 2 day leadership seminar. Not only this, but the team were able to visit another Australian NGO - SHE Rescue Home - to see the incredible work they are doing for women and girls who have been rescued from sex trafficking. 

Here's just some of the incredible feedback from the trip:

"Many of them (NGO workers) shared the joy they experienced in being strengthened through training" 
- HOPE: Education Team Leader


"What an amazing, mind blowing, captivating moment as the teachers were displaying all of their material. The walls became alive with colour, alive with things they made with passion and purpose" - HOPE: Education volunteer


"One man painted a bird with many colours...when I asked him why...what does it mean to you...he said 'this is how I feel. People have tried to control me or tell me what I need to be but this bird represents freedom. I am now free to be myself, I can fly, I can do anything' ". - HOPE: Global volunteer and participant


"One of the regular attendees...for the past three years was asked...why he is committed to bring along his staff. He said that his staff get so much from the conferences and using them in their own classrooms. His teachers have changed the way that they teach because of their participation in the HOPE: Global Conferences. Hearing this really does make all our hard work as a team worthwhile. We are on a journey of change in Cambodia, with education being the key to that change." - HOPE: Education volunteer and participant


A huge thank you to all of our HOPE: Education team and everybody who supported them back at home. You can read more about the Cambodia team's experiences on our blog.

Matt Hope & Team visit Rwanda

HOPE: Global Board Member and Australian Project Manager for the Village of Hope, Matt Hope, took a small team of people to visit Rwanda in September. For all on the trip but Matt, this was their first time visiting Rwanda. 
Matt and the team spent time with all of the HOPE projects and our project partners, seeing the changes that have been made over the years, and discussing future opportunities. Highlights included:
  • Visiting schools and pre-schools and seeing how education through our HOPE teams has touched so many lives
  • Seeing how the lives of widows and orphans at the Village of Hope have changed and improved
  • Spending time with Nicholas (Village of Hope Project Manager - Rwanda) and dreaming about future opportunities for the project, including potential Income Generating projects and Agricultural Projects
  • Being encouraged by the impact that HOPE has had - seeing a little go such a long way 
Thanks to Matt, Rob, Sue, Derek and Anthony for your time and passion for Rwanda. 

India Missions Trip 2012

HOPE: Global is proud to support 'Gospel Missions of India" (GMI). The vision of GMI is to transform lives and communities through multifaceted evangelism, education initiatives and child evangelism. You can read more about these initiatives here.


HOPE: Global is facilitating a missions trip to visit GMI projects in India, in December 2012. The trip will be from the 7th to the 15th of December. If you like more information about this trip, you can contact us at info@hope-global.org or call 02 9659 2553

If you wish to volunteer in India, please fill out our application form online.

Please note that whilst HOPE: Global is facilitating this missions trip for GMI, GMI is not a project of HOPE: Global and we are unable to accept donations. If you wish to make a donation you can visit the GMI website.


2013 Volunteer Trips

We are so excited to be able to announce the 2013 dates for volunteers wishing to visit Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya or Cambodia.

UGANDA: April 13 - April 27
RWANDA: June 22 - 7 July
KENYA: Sept 21 - Oct 4
CAMBODIA: Sept 21 - Oct 4

If you would like to be a part of any of these trips, you can apply online here. For further queries, please contact michelle@hope-global.org or 02 9659 2553. Alternatively, if you are interested in visiting our projects with your own group (church, school, work, etc.) please contact us for options.