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HOPE Rwanda Education Team Arrive!

The HOPE Team - Tuesday, July 03, 2012
HOPE: Global Early Childhood & Primary/English Team

Written by Leonie Quayle

Ist July 2012

From various corners of the globe, we've arrived safe and well in Kigali on the 1st of July, Rwanda's Independence Day. The billboards marking the occasion around town state '50 years...a journey of resilience'. Whether returning to Rwanda once more or discovering it for the first time, our two week adventure has begun!

First on the to do list was to cover the basics - change money, buy sim cards, air time and water and enjoy a Rwandan coffee (ok, the last one was an optional but much appreciated extra).

Importantly, today we met Bob. Who is Bob? Bob is the man in whom we will daily entrust our lives over the next week as he drives us all over Kigali. We've bonded already through our first vocabulary lesson, learning an important phrase in both English and Kinyarwanda - 'nta kibazo', translated 'no problem'. We're all going to get on just fine!

A rather last minute declaration of a public holiday tomorrow means that while we're unsure of exactly how the planned schedule will unfold, we're excited to be here and ready to serve this beautiful nation.

HOPE: Global's Early Childhood & Primary/English Team - ready for the adventure of a lifetime!