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Hope Education Cambodia Team - First Update

The HOPE Team - Monday, September 24, 2012

24 Hours of Bags, History and Culture

By Amanda Hutchins & Deanne Dwight

Worship is a universal language - it crosses cultural boundaries; you do not have to speak the same language to worship God together.

We started our day with prayer with the Good News of Jesus Christ congregation. Sitting on mats on the ground, we bonded and surrounded ourselves with insights from God's word. Although, sometimes we did not fully understand the language, we still felt a sense of unity amongst one another. After prayer, we participated in the service based around "Prayer". After the service, we were welcomed by the kids of the congregation with smiling faces and joyful hearts.

Cambodian Children & Church

To really understand the country and its people, you need to first understand its history.

After Church, the team headed off to S-21. We walked the grey and blood stained buildings, where people were tortured and killed. There was a real sense of eeriness and confinement. It is hard to believe that it was once a high school where children would have played joyfully in the grounds and were educated in their buildings. And then it became a place where many were stripped of their dignity and soul and some lost their life for being educated.


The team gathered together at the end of the day to prepare for the start of Conference One by filling the conference bags with goodies for the teachers. For us, what is in those bags may seem small but to the teachers of Cambodia, it is worth so much. We want to lavish on and bless these Cambodia teachers and make them feel more precious than gold. To shower them with honour by the token of a conference bag makes these feel special. We want to empower the Cambodian teachers to be better teachers for their students.

Conference Bags for Teachers

The challenge I faced was how peaceful and joyful the Cambodian people of today live and how much one man's decision affected a whole country, not that long ago. There is hope surrounding us in Cambodia. You can feel it.

HOPE: Education Team Cambodia 2012