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Kids Walk of Hope

The HOPE Team - Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Jake O’Sullivan, from the Sutherland Shire, is just your average kid at first glance. His hobbies are fishing, soccer, playing with friends, reading and helping others. 

It’s this last interest that led to a new fundraising event being launched in 2011.

Jake was just 4 years old and in pre-school when his Mum, Karen, took part in the annual Walk of Hope, a fundraiser of HOPE: Global that raised funds for education in Rwanda. Jake asked why he couldn’t do a walk to help the kids. He simply wanted the kids in Rwanda to have the “same schooling and things” as him.

The following year, the Kids Walk of Hope was launched.

This year is the 3rd annual Kids Walk of Hope and Jake, now 7, will be at the front of the pack. Jake says he’d like to see more children join this year to raise more money. When asked what he hoped will happen as a result of this year’s Kids Walk of Hope, Jake answers, “more money raised so that the children in Rwanda can have more clothes and books”.

Funds are being raised for Fruits of Hope School, a project supported by HOPE: Global.

Fruits of Hope started in 2007 with just one classroom and 24 pre-school aged children, and was one of the first Rwandan run pre-schools committed to a higher standard of education.

The school has restored confidence to a community decimated socially and culturally by the atrocities of the genocide, and now boasts a full pre-school and primary school with over 300 children.

Jake hopes to continue raising money so the kids at Fruits of Hope can be as lucky as him and a have a good education as well, and that one day, he hopes to visit Rwanda the children at Fruits of Hope School.

Register today to join the Kids Walk of Hope, this Saturday 16th Feb.


The Kids Walk of Hope is the launch event for the Global Walk of Hope, between February 16 and March 2