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Kigali - Day 1

The HOPE Team - Wednesday, June 27, 2012
Kigali, Rwanda
Kings Rwanda Team

Written by Belinda Bryant Baxter (Kings Team Volunteer)

What an amazing day we had today, Tuesday June 26. We started off at the Kigali Genocide Memorial. This was a big impact place with artefacts, photos, audio visual testimonies and a mass graveyard of more than 250,000 victims. Over one million lives were lost in one hundred days. It was poignant and assaulting. For the Rwandan people such a place is to serve a link to the past and pave a way for future healing. I couldn't help but reflect on my own beautiful boys safe with Glenn and me whilst babies, children and adults suffered a cruel death. And this all happened in such recent times. 

We headed to the main shopping district, changed our money into Rwandan francs, had a bit to eat, then headed for the shops. The early childhood team complete with a massive list of supplies for our lessons and teacher training made a complete career of it. We look forward to teaching the young children at Fruits of Hope School tomorrow. Later in the week we will deliver seminars for the teacher education course we will be running as a part of the Diploma of Early Childhood. Next week we are running a conference for the training of future teachers. 

This was a massive shopping expedition and with the help of Joel Sengoga (Director of Hope Rwanda in Kigali), David and Furaha (local shopkeepers), the tribe of determined King's ladies and our go-to men Glenn and Steve, we were victorious. A printer was also purchased to donate. So all the wonderful ladies who came to our High Tea fundraiser, be happy that your donations will make little children happy and equip Rwandan teachers to teach. 

After witnessing such heartbreaking images this morning, what a great way this was to fill the rest of the day. We hope to make a little difference. Indeed the words from Isaiah 61 remind us that we are all here for a reason and part of a bigger purpose. What a humbling opportunity for us!

The group has bonded beautifully with each of us serving a unique role in our mission. Tonight we enjoyed a meal at the Hotel with some our Rwandan friends. It was a blessing of a day in so many ways.

Genocide Memorial and Kigali City