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The HOPE Team - Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Updates from The Kings Rwanda Team

Written by Peta Gresham - La Palisse Book Publishing Conference

"The students were hungry to learn. Very quickly students opened up to their mentoring teacher and shared ideas, asked questions and worked industriously with the set tasks...those we worked with sensed anopportunity and a possible career in writing stories. The young men and women of Rwanda sensed an injustice that there is no Rwandan story book for children to read. There was a sense of patriotism and duty emerging."

La Palisse Book Publishing Conference

Written by Steve McGrath

"The team decided it would be great to give Fred from Fruits of Hope a photocopier/printer. In Kigali people make a living from printing and copying documents...we thought that perhaps a copier plus some of our computers would allow the school to offer this service...it turned out Fred had been praying for a photocopier and printer. The school needs to copy exam papers and they were currently paying for someone to do this...Fred was presented the copier/printer. He asked if it was okay to hug someone in thanks - which was of course okay. Fred was overwhelmed and shared with us some of his vision for the school."

An overwhelmed and grateful Fred thanks the team for the photocopier and printer

"The drive from Kigali to Musanze was amazing - postcard pictures and extremely 'hairy' - overtaking on blind corners, huge drops down mountainsides...no seat belts. But what soothed the 'terror' of those corners was the waving. When you wave to the people of Rwanda...they don't just wave back with their hands. It is an infectious, whole body experience. Rwandan people wave with their eyes, their smiles, their open arms and the stillness as their hands sway in the most affectionate return of 'hello'.

Locals wave hello

We drove past small villages, up huge mountains - in second gear for extended periods - to then plummet down the other side - past people irrigating vegetable gardens with a buck from an irrigation trench. In Australia people water their paddocks from sprinklers and hoses. In Rwanda people water their fields by hand with a bucket. We saw small brick works, maize, bean, cabbage and lettuce being grown. We saw families together, working alongside each other, watering their fields. It makes city slickers wonder 'who really is rich?'."

The Kings team on the bus to Musanze

Written by Glenn Baxter

"Just completed three days of repair work at the Kigali Fruits of Hope School. This was the very first Nursery School (Pre School) in Rwanda. This dream has commenced an educational movement in this country so much so that now this team is the first to come and introduced an Early Childhood Education Program requested by the Rwandan Government. What an uplifting experience and one that will stay with me forever. Truly seeing and then working for a program purely driven by prayer and faith provides a sense of how great God's focus is on healing the country."

Repairs at Fruits of Hope School