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Shoulder To Shoulder, Heart to Heart

The HOPE Team - Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Where do you begin in capturing a snapshot of our time in Cambodia?

Written by Anna Ridley

Today was another day where the HOPE: Global team rallied together. Each morning we have feasted on the word of God and knelt at King Jesus' feet. Inviting Him to guide us, strengthen us and protect us. Asking for His guidance and leading - that we would see and listen with an open heart. All of this occurs packed into a mini bus. As we were shuttled by our driver, translator and a new Khmer friend, we joined in prayer. God continues to amaze us with partnerships with giants of faith here in Cambodia.

Each year God gathers a team of volunteers with a unique story of faith of their own. It is so encouraging to see how God equips our hands when we step out in faith.

We were able to provide a wonderful meal today through Bohdi Tree, an NGO catering company training youth in the catering industry here in Cambodia. Under torrential rain, they provided a banquet for our participants - all 74 of them - from 12 organisations. The food was presented so beautifully and served with such grace.


Today we witnessed a shift in Khmer culture in being willing to share experiences and struggles NGO workers have in the field. But there were also Filipino, Indian and American expats involved in the training today. Many of them shared the joy they experienced in being strengthened through training, as it gets tiring out here in the field.


This is HOPE: Global - strengthening through training by a shoulder to shoulder, heart to heart approach. 

We are running a 2 day leadership seminar as part of this second conference in response to the many requests we received last year.


Final Days of Training

Written by Neil Reynolds

Second day of training for NGO's and our last day of conferences in Cambodia. The team is showing some signs of tiredness as we board the minivan at 7am. We are buoyed by prayer and devotions on the trip across Phnom Penh. Die to it being a Saturday, a few of our participants do not work on Saturday and will not be attending the second day. We were greatly encouraged by the lively discussions and involvement in all the sessions, which included; Leadership Project Planning; Community Health and Motivating Staff. The team has made a couple of good links in NGOs from across Cambodia to further promote the value of HOPE: Global's training support.

Evaluation showed wide support for each of the conference sessions. Tonight we celebrated with a one hour cruise of the Mekong River and dinner at the Foreign Correspondence Club. Early to bed tonight, we leave for Battambang at 6am in the morning to work at the Asia's Hope Orphanage.

Photos by Deanne Dwight