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So long Kitgum!

The HOPE Team - Tuesday, April 24, 2012

We all enjoyed another full-body massage courtesy of the road from Kitgum to Gulu and prepared ourselves for the conference at Lamina Adera School, Watoto Gulu. Our new accommodation made us appreciate the difficult conditions under which our partners at Kitgum operate. The next day's conference at Lamina Adera was an intimate affair with 20 teachers attending. We conducted training sessions on literacy and numeracy, CPR, nutrition and hand-washing. The CPR lesson became a forum of hilarity as the normally-reserved teachers dramatically stepped into the role of lifesavers with gusto and acted out a myriad of scenarios. All subjects were well-received with many invitations for the team to return next year for a longer period. The teachers overwhelmed us with their appreciation. We all agreed that our time together was incredibly valuable.