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Uganda 2013

The HOPE Team - Tuesday, April 16, 2013

HOPE: Education Uganda Team Update

Written by Celina Mina

Above: The Australian contingent of the Uganda team

Hello! Thank you for following our African Adventure through this blog! Let me begin by introducing our team of 6 women - three Australians, Michelle, Karen and Rachael; one Australian currently living in Denmark, Celina; one American, Becca, and one Brit currently living in Australiala, Nat. Our team is made up of educators, a nurse, an administrator/business professional and leadership strategist.

Our multicultural team travelled from various parts of the globe, finally meeting in Dubai before heading together as a complete team to Uganda. We arrived on Sunday 14th April and spent that day and first night in the capital city, Kampala, settling in and recovering from jetlag.

Monday was a day of preparation - supporting the local economy by purchasing all our stationery and conference equipment, photocopying training manuals for the conference participants and travelling to our first conference venue, COME Uganda, located in a village, Lugala, about 30 minutes out of Kampala.

Above: Becca & Michelle getting to work photocopying!

Here's some initial impressions and thoughts from the team so far:

Becca - "I'm excited by the opportunities to make a difference!"

Celina - "The locals have totally gone out of their way to make us feel at home. I really believe that the conferences we are about to conduct are going to encourage, inspire and equip teachers in this country"

Nat - "I am passionate about providing medical knowledge and skills to empower educators to foster effective health care in their educational context"

Rachael - "I am loving the African lifestyle - they teach us so much about true contentment and living uncomplicated lives"

Karen - "Being my third trip to Uganda, I feel like I am home again. The team has been warmly welcomed and it's been wonderful meeting up with friends again that I have made over the years through these trips"

Michelle - "I'm hoping that the participants will not only learn new things, but find them immediately useful to their current working environment"

Above: Roadside view


Stay tuned for further updates from the team!