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The HOPE Team - Tuesday, December 08, 2015

We absolutely love getting feedback from our partners on the ground and so were excited when we received a report from the Mother's Union in Rwanda about a program that HOPE: Global has been supporting.

In June this year, our Hope Education Team trained a group of 60 single young Mum's in the north of Rwanda in Early Childhood and Sewing. The local women's initiative at Hope Unlimited Church, Sisters Forever, had also raised significant funds to go towards this young Mum's program. These young women had been the victims of rape and as a result, were out on their own and out of school. The Mother's Union had requested that HOPE: Global come alongside these young women to support them. 

Our June team were able to train the women in Early Childhood and sewing, as well as purchase materials and sewing machines and pay for a local sewing trainer to be employed. Today, the Mother's Union sent this wonderful report to us:

  • The women are continuing in their training so that they can gain skills and overcome poverty
  • The women are being trained in sewing techniques, which will enable them to gain employment or even start their own business
  • They've made shorts, trousers, shirts, gowns and dresses, and they've also been able to make clothes for their children
  • The group has now increased from 60 to 100 young women being trained!
  • A teacher has been employed to train the women
  • The teacher is doing well, and the women are excited about learning
  • The women meet together each week outside of training for fellowship
  • The prayer of the Mother's Union is that they can continue this training to enable many single mothers to feed, educate, clothe and meet the needs of their children

Such a wonderful report to receive! The impact of training and funding extends beyond the initial moment of giving and continues to change the lives of these young Mum's and their children. 

Above: Bags that were made during the June training and one of the sewing machines purchased
Below: Most recent pictures of young Mum's being trained 

If you would like to support initiatives like this that are part of our Hope Education Program, you can donate here and select the Hope Education Program (J794). All donations $2 and over in Australia are tax-deductible. Your support will help us continue programs like the sewing program and help us to transform lives by equipping and empowering people. 

Thank you for your support.