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Building a Community of Hope

The HOPE Team - Saturday, January 21, 2017

" Hey everybody! My name is Tanisha, I am 16 years of age and one of the Hope Global Youth Ambassadors. It is day six of our trip. 

I, alongside the rest of the team, travelled an hour outside of Kigali into a town called Bugasera. The scenery on our way to Bugasera was absolutely mind-blowing. We had headed into more farm lands where crops like bananas and sugar cane grew. It was beautiful.

We had our second program in a small school called Bugasera Community Centre. We were fortunate enough to meet the founders of the school, Ian and Janet. I loved hearing the vision they have for the school. Their main focus was to make sure the children will grow and prosper in their community with a proper education.

Our second program was very unique in its own way. In this program we were blessed to teach a younger age range. It brought such joy into our hearts to meet all the children.

We were privileged to have some of the teachers, from the school, help us translate our program from English to Kinya-Rwandan. We also took the opportunity to learn some of the language ourselves, this helped us create stronger bonds with the children. 

I believe that this program was a huge highlight for the children. They loved to play games like "Duck, duck, goose" and bouncing balls on a giant, colourful parachute. Activities like the skit, craft and the book reading really helped them understand they are all specially made by God. We had such a wonderful time in Bugasera and loved to see all the children smile and have loads of fun.

I personally had the great pleasure to make some great connections with the children in the program. They have taught me to have great joy in everything I do." - Tanisha