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Exciting things ahead

The HOPE Team - Friday, March 28, 2014

After an already fantastic start to the year, we have even more exciting things that are taking place in the coming months, and we wanted to take this opportunity to tell you about them.


The chicken is about to take centre stage! On the 1st of April we are launching our "Chickens for Change' campaign. What one earth is Chickens for Change?! New Hope Homes is an organisation we partner with in the north of Rwanda. They take care of 28 orphaned children, providing them with a family, home, food, education, health care and more. This year, New Hope Homes are looking to expand their agricultural projects to not only feed the children and supply an income to New Hope Homes, but to assist with reaching out into the community the less fortunate families. So in the lead up to this Easter, we are looking to raise enough funds to start them off by buying 150 chickens! Chickens and eggs will help provide a lasting source of food and income.

This campaign officially kicks of on the 1st of April so stay tuned for details!


The HOPE: Global Youth Ambassador Program is a unique opportunity for students who are passionate about making a difference. It involves a two week exposure trip to Rwanda, opportunities to learn firsthand about aid and development work and the issues facing third world countries, as well as an opportunity for students to develop their leadership skills. HOPE: Global is looking for Australian students aged 16-18 who:

  • Show an interest in global poverty issues
  • Are respectful of cultural diversity
  • Show leadership and public speaking skills
  • Love experiencing new things!
On the 1st of April, applications will go live! Make sure you spread the word!


We have two teams getting ready to depart in the next few weeks, one to Uganda and one to Rwanda for the special event, the Rwanda Walk of Hope, marking the 20th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide. In fact, the Ugandan team will also be stopping by in Rwanda to take part in this historic event! Both teams will also be training teachers, leaders and NGO staff in their respective countries and making an incredible contribution to the lives of many. Keep an eye out for blogs and photos!


Mothers Day is around the corner and we wanted to remind about about our beautiful 'Rwanda: Speak, I'm Listening' books! Now down to $25 from $30, this book would make a beautiful and life changing gift for your Mum. Life changing in that the funds raised go towards empowering women in Rwanda through vocational and educational training. Place your order here today.