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The HOPE Team - Wednesday, November 19, 2014
Giving Tuesday is a national movement inspiring individuals and businesses to give to their favourite charity - whether they give through a financial donation, volunteer time or spread the word, and is taking place on Tuesday December 2nd.

In the lead up to Giving Tuesday we are asking all our friends and supporters to partner with us by registering for our 2015 Walk of Hope event, raising funds and awareness for the needs of others globally. Our goal is to see 200 people registered by the 2nd December.

We wanted to share with you a story from our incredible and long-term Cambodia team member Amanda about why she is involved with HOPE: Global and the Walk of Hope.

"I have two dear friends, Deb and Nigel, who had lived in Cambodia shortly after they were married and they had returned to Australia to start a family. In 2009, they returned to Cambodia as part of the team from Hope Rwanda, as Hope Global was known then. I had heard their stories of what they had done as part of the team and my heart was stirred. In late 2009, Deb invited me to the information session on the trips for 2010 with Hope Rwanda. Deb had no idea of what my heart cry was at that time – that I was searching for something, some project that I could be a part of and make a difference in this world. I was restless in my spirit and I was not content to just teach the amazing boys that I teach each day. As much as that is incredibly rewarding but challenging at time (but I do love it!!), I wanted to do more. Not just fundraise and support with finances but to go and do something – faith in action! To use my skills as a teacher to empower and enable others to be better teachers. To do my part to pay it forward. I went along not quite knowing what to expect and thinking that initially that I would just help out with fundraising and see how that goes before deciding to commit to being part of a team travelling overseas...I sat and heard the stories of what was happening in Cambodia and how the project was outworking. I put my application in for the 2010 Cambodia team, not knowing whether I would be chosen for the team. If I wasn't chosen, then I would still support the organisation in some way shape or form.

And that started my journey with Hope Global. Friends and family have asked me 'why Hope Global? Why not another organisation?' I think the main reason for me choosing Hope Global to volunteer with is that Hope Global does not go into a lesser developed country with a program and says, “ Look at how great how program is. You must use it. It will be of great benefit to you.” Hope Global asks, “How can we best serve you? What are your needs and how can best support you?”. That is what we are doing at Hope Global. We come alongside, shoulder to shoulder and heart to heart with teachers, trainers and NGO's in lesser developed nations to bring about change. To make their world and the world of the children that they teach a better world. This is something I believe in passionately. That education is a basic human right. That every child in the world has the right and should have the opportunity to have a basic education. Education, more than any other factor has a powerful impact in helping a nation climb out of poverty. The Hope Education program comes alongside existing schools and education delivery organisations in developing countries to equip and empower teachers, nurses and other staff and professionals. By training the teachers, Hope Education impacts thousands of children, giving them a better future. A sufficiently trained teacher will impact the quality of education for around 60-70 students per year. Over 5 years, that one teacher will teach up to 350 students. If 150 teachers are trained and their skills improved, the quality of education for 52,500 students is improved over 5 years. This is an investment in the future generations of a nation. Education has the power to change a nation. Nelson Mandala said: "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." Kofi Annan had this to say about education: “Education is a human right with immense power to transform. On its foundation rest the cornerstones of freedom, democracy and sustainable human development.”

So finally, why get behind #givingtuesday and do the Walk of Hope in February 2015?

By doing the Walk of Hope, you will walk around 12km on hopefully a beautiful Sydney summers afternoon. You will do so wearing comfortable shoes and clothes! Like many of our friends across the world, you will not be walking on dirt roads in bare feet, or over gravel, or be carrying a heavy load.  You will not have to worry about whether you will have enough food to eat or water to drink, or where your next meal is coming from.  A challenge like the Walk of Hope does not compare to what some children in our world have to endure just to get to school each day. Some children walk twice the distance that you will walk, just to get to school each day. Other children would love to attend school but are unable to because there are not sufficiently trained teachers in their village to train them. If challenging yourself to walk 12 km helps train just one teacher in Cambodia, Rwanda, Kenya or Uganda in 2015, then it is worth it. Helping one child to access a confident and well-resourced teacher for their class for the next year is worth it.  By taking part in the 2015 Walk of Hope you are doing your small part to make this world we live in, a better place for others. 

There is a quote on the wall of SHE Rescue Visitors Centre in Phnom Penh in Cambodia that I think speaks to all volunteers of Hope Global. It says 'To succumb to the enormity of the problem is to fail the one.'

Even if we just change the life of one child or one teacher, it is worth it. " 

 - Amanda

By the 2nd of December #givingtuesday we are aiming for 200 sign ups to the Walk of Hope. Do your bit and register for the 2015 Walk of Hope taking place on the 28th of February.


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