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Mentoring to Reach the Goal

The HOPE Team - Monday, July 06, 2015

"Day 3 and 4 at Sala Mom School has stepped up the preparation for the teachers to be ready for presenting their own teaching conference in September. The team is involved in covering some of the K-12 classes to enable the five designated conference presenters to be mentored and encouraged to produce a 6 session conference program. The 4 sections to be offered are English, Khmer, Science and Early Childhood. God has certainly organised a range of team members to support the Khmer teachers to believe in themselves and their array of skills and expertise. 

Team members have managed to teach a range of lessons in 50 minute blocks across many varied subject areas. Not only were they demonstrating a more student centred approach but also with students who had limited English language. The use of drama and non verbal cues were prevalent as was a great deal of singing.

Natalie's session on 'Sharing Your Message With Confidence' greatly boosted the Khmer presenters confidence and helped allay most of their fears. The September conference is in safe hands as they definitely have the plans and expertise to carry it off in fine style. Thanks Shenai for capturing the days on camera.

We left Sala Mom on Thursday 2nd July after a terrific time of working shoulder to shoulder with the wonderful staff and students. Vannear, the principal, deserves special praise for not only driving us back to our hotel each afternoon in peak hour but also taking the team out for dinner on the last evening.

On Friday 3rd July, we journeyed to Takaeo Province to prepare for the Heart of Wisdom School Conference which starts on Monday. We viewed the school in action in the afternoon and spent time at the orphanage where we will be based with Kit and Rheam and family for the next week. Already they have blessed us and we have begun to engage with the children (38) and hear the tremendous vision for the community and future education of the children. Great expectations for each day and glory to God" - Neil Reynolds.