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Lorna's Story

The HOPE Team - Thursday, November 05, 2015

Lorna joined our Kenya Education team in September this year. As well as being an incredibly wise and humble woman, Lorna is immensely gifted in teaching. According to some of the feedback we received from our partners, she delivered outstanding training, offering practical and transformative solutions to Early Childhood teachers across Kenya.

Today she shares with us her experience and story:









"If I could summarise my experience in one word, it would be adventure.

What an absolutely privilege to be asked to join a volunteer team to travel to Kenya to do Early Childhood Teacher Training in non-government church schools.

My family, church, colleagues and friends encouraged me and supported me both financially and prayerfully.  It was this prayer that guided me while preparing the training and delivering the training. It was this financial support that enabled us to facilitate the training and take the resources and so generously gave to the teachers there.

Visiting a country I had not been to before and meeting the people, getting to know some of their culture and visiting some of their homes,  schools, churches, and orphanages that have been set up there was incredible.

During our time we trained over 80 Early Childhood teachers from 44 different organisation and schools.  It was a privilege to be able to share a little of my many years of teaching experience with teachers who had so few resources available to them.

I sought to inspire and encourage them and in the process learnt from them.  It is definitely more blessed to give than to receive and I felt so blessed and empowered by God as I gave.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable and very worthwhile. It was fulfilling and I am so excited to see what comes out it." - Lorna

If you are interested in joining one of our trips, you don't need to be a teacher, we also need people with leadership and management experience, photography, administration skills and more.  Find out more here.  Applications for our 2016 trips are now open.