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6 Tips to get you ready for your favourite charity walk

The HOPE Team - Friday, November 28, 2014

6 tips to get you ready for your charity walk! 

Walking for charity sounds easy and it is easy, however, it certainly doesn't mean that you can sit down and have a block of chocolate every day until the day of the event! If you are planning on doing a long charity walk, such as the Walk of Hope, training is a must! It's time to dust off those trainers and get active! Here are 6 quick tips for preparing for a charity walk!

Tip 1: Progression is a must

When you are walking any distance that is further than what you would do normally, you need to make sure that you don't exhaust yourself on the day. If you are doing a long distance charity walk, try to walk at least a few times a week with one of those walks being at least 5 minutes longer than usual. If you push yourself just one day a week to go that little bit further, you will notice how your body acclimatises to that distance and soon, the long distance walk from the past becomes the short walk in the present! The longer you stretch yourself, the better off you will be on the day!

Tip 2: Change up your routine
If you walk regularly, don't walk down the same path. Take a detour from your regular walking route, brave that hill you have been dreading and go exploring! When you go to places that unfamiliar to you, you will surprise yourself as to how far you actually walk. If you aren't sweaty, you're not doing it right!

Tip 3: Faster, faster!
You are actually doing your body a favour when you walk faster than normal! You are speeding up your heart rate, your blood pumping good endorphins through your body, and you are getting more oxygen in to your lungs and to your brain. If you walk faster, you'll be covering more kilometres and you'll end up going further in distance in the same amount of time you allot yourself for your walk. 

Tip 4: Motivation, motivate, motive!
Motivation is the hardest part of exercise, even walking! If you much prefer sitting on the lounge with a bag of chips then get someone around you who will kick you in to gear and encourage you to get up and moving. Try to go walking with a friend, you can walk and talk! If you have a dog or energetic kids, take them all for a walk or bike ride. If you remember the reason why you are walking in the first place, whether it is for health, charity, happiness or family time, you will be more likely to be motivated.

Tip 5: Take notes
Write down on your calendar, in your diary, on your notice-board, where and when you exercise! This will help with your motivation and it will help you keep track of how long you walk for and how much distance you cross. You can see your progress by keeping a record of your exercise details as well.

Tip 6: Have fun!
Don't let your walks be boring! If you take your pet or your kids with you, you'll be able to spend some good quality time together and bond with every one in your family. Your kids can go exploring with you and learn about their environment, while on a simple afternoon walk. Exercise is good for the whole family and if you make it fun while your kids are young, they will most likely continue that practice when they are older, being fit and healthy young adults!

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