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Reflections from a first-timer

The HOPE Team - Monday, October 10, 2016
Tamara, a primary school teacher from Sydney joined our Hope Education program for the very first time this year. Her passion for teaching and empowering people in need took her to Cambodia for seven days to run community workshops and a three day teacher training conference. Here are her reflections: 

"It has been a privilege for me to take part for the first time in teacher training with Hope Global. I have been so blessed to have the opportunity to support Kit and Ream and what they are doing through their school, Heart for Wisdom; as well as being able to encourage and support the development of teachers from 6 other schools from the local community. I was mostly involved in training teachers in the teaching of addition and active learning, as well as helping with the morning sessions. I have been so encouraged by the teachers' engagement and participation in the sessions, as well as their willingness to ask questions.

Throughout the conference we asked for feedback from the teachers and what they would like further training in. This resulted in us adapting our planned sessions for day two and three of the conference in order to better meet the needs of the teachers. In our session on differentiation, we were able to give practical examples as well as giving the teachers the opportunity to differentiate a task. Afterwards, many teachers commented that this was a particularly helpful session. We also presented a classroom scenario of a difficult student and the teachers worked in groups to brainstorm what they would do to manage the situation. It was excellent to not only find out the teachers' expectations of students and what strategies they are already using in order to plan training for the future, but it also gave us the chance to affirm what they are already doing well and to acknowledge the skills they have.

On the final day of conference, the teachers presented the resources they had made... Some of them had even worked at home to finish what they had started during the day. From the primary maths stream, tens frames, number cards, maths games, dot cards, hundreds charts and dice covered the tables. But even better was seeing the teachers proudly explain how to use the various resources to involve their students in their learning. It has been a very rich and worthwhile three days and I look forward to hearing what God is going to do next with this group of teachers." - Tamara