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The HOPE Team - Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cambodia HOPE: Education Team Update

Today we visited SHE rescue, an after care facility that rehabilitates girls that have been rescued from sex trafficking in Cambodia. It is a partnership that the team have nurtured and fostered over the years. We are always blessed when we visit SHE. I was astounded with the new 'visitors' room. It was fresh and open, with a rough trendy beauty to it and was simple. It would easily sit a variety of team numbers. 

It was great to come back and see how the organisation has grown in the last twelve months. Nicole, the program director at SHE just glows when she talks about the girls and the work that SHE does. As she spoke to us, her smile enveloped her face and she emitted joy and hope for the girls rescued through SHE. 

The highlight of the visit was sitting as a team chatting with two volunteer teachers: Anna and Karen and employee Sheying. This was the first time I witnessed the team come together to do what we had come for: share skills to improve education. I felt that the team operated as one and although it was a meeting unplanned for the conversation and ideas it just flowed. I really think it was a God meeting and I am very excited that Sheying is coming to our conference on Wednesday. 

By - Cathy Reynolds