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Youth Ambassadors ready for Cambodia

The HOPE Team - Monday, December 14, 2015

Our five Youth Ambassadors are just 4 weeks away from embarking on the journey of a lifetime. This dedicated group of young people have been working tirelessly over the last 5 months to prepare for a trip to Cambodia that will not only impact the lives of those they will be working with, but the lives of our Ambassadors. Together as a team, they have prepared workshops in English, Hygiene, Value, Choices & Rights, Education and so much more. Our Ambassadors have also undergone training and lessons in Public Speaking, Fundraising, Human Rights, Facilitating Workshops and more. What an incredible 5 months it's been already!

Here is what our Ambassadors have to say:

"Hello again from Abbey! It’s getting closer and closer to our trip and we are getting so excited! In our program we have been lucky enough to be learning all about global issues and more specifically how we can help in our time in Cambodia and throughout our lives. This wonderful experience, guided by Paula Fasano and Jessica Watkins, is equipping us with the skills and knowledge to be able to make an impact. We have learnt so much and for I know for me personally, it has amplified my passion for social justice in such a way that I would love to pursue it as a career!" - Abbey




 Over the past 3 months, Hope: Global’s Youth Ambassador’s program has opened up many new opportunities and given me a whirl-wind experience so far. Not only have I complete my HSC, I have also extended my passion for social justice. I have gotten to know the other 3 youth ambassadors and other youth ambassador leaders very well and we have been meeting monthly to talk about poverty, education and other issues relating to these topics. We have continued to develop our skills in leadership, public speaking and knowledge in the field of social justice, as well as preparing for our trip to Cambodia by making hygiene and English workshops." - Jess


"The youth ambassador program has been an incredible experience so far. Its taught me so much about the world we live in, the good and the bad. I have learnt how we can better the present and the future, through spreading what we have come to know and putting words into practise. Through being a youth ambassador, Hope Global has really shown me that at any age you can do what your heart desires, regardless of the limitations that may be presented. - Brooke 





"Hi everyone! If I could summarise my experience and key learning's from the Youth Ambassador Program so far it's that it has shown me the importance of time management and communication and it has opened my eyes to the things going on in the world, outside of Australia. I am so excited to head off to Cambodia, not long now!" - Bek




 In Cambodia, the team will be working alongside SHE Rescue, Salamon School and Greater Hope Orphanage, to assist them in their programs and learn more about the work they each do. 

We would love to support Jess, Abbey, Bek, Brooke and Courtney as they now make final preparations. The team will need resources to run their workshops and will also be donating to the work of these organisations. The trip has been self-funded by the Ambassadors and their families so far. We would love to get behind them financially and help get them over the line and ensure they are well-resourced to bless our partner organisations. 

And so, for this week, between Monday 14th December and Saturday 19th December, $5 from EVERY T-shirt sale, 'Rwanda: Speak, I'm Listening' sale and Walk of Hope registration, will be donated to the Youth Ambassador Program. This is a fantastic opportunity to get behind our youth as they step out of their comfort zones so that they can serve and bless others. 

"It is definitely worthwhile to support Hope: Global through signing up for the Walk of Hope as you can contribute to furthering our skills and aspiration of helping others! " Jess - Youth Ambassador

All items can be purchased here, and you can also register for our Walk of Hope through this site. $5 from every item or registration sold will go straight into the Youth Ambassador Program to serve those on the ground in Cambodia.

We thank you for your support!