current projects

What We Are Doing

HOPE Global Training centre

The HOPE: Global Training Centre is a new initiative in Rwanda from 2016 onwards. This exciting project will see Hope Global establish a 24/7 presence in Kigali, Rwanda as we seek to extend our commitment to serving this nation. The Training Centre will be a hub for meeting the practical, spiritual and educational needs of individuals, communities and organisations. Further information about this project coming soon. You can give financially to this project here. Funds will go towards securing land and building for the Training Centre.

HOPE Education

The HOPE: Education project spans across Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Cambodia and seeks to bring quality education to children in post conflict countries by developing quality teachers and schooling.

RCA Education & community Development project

The RCA (Ruhinga Christian Academy) Education & Community Development Project is an extension of our partnership with Nicholas and Elsie at Link Ministries in Rwanda, whom we partnered with for the Village of Hope

. Hope Global is partnering with Link Ministries as they establish a school in a small community in the East of Rwanda, an area that is still experiencing severe poverty. The school will seek to be a champion for the holistic transformation of communities in its vicinity by taking an active role in the life of these communities through its educational and social entrepreneurial programs. Further information about the first steps for this project coming soon. You can donate to this project here. Funds will go towards the construction of the school and Teacher Training.

Revival Palace/Fruits of Hope

This project partnership in Rwanda builds schools, brings access to quality education for disadvantaged children, provides education sponsorship and teacher training.

New Hope Homes

A home in Rwanda caring for the complete needs of orphans as well as providing outreach into the community.