current projects

What We Are Doing


Village of Hope

The Village of Hope is a self-sustaining, holistic model providing for the complete needs of the child, widow and the community. Currently we have built 28 houses in rural Rwanda that enable us to provide community, support, dignity and a fresh start for people who have lost so much. 

HOPE Education

The HOPE: Education program started in 2006 to assist the post-genocide rebuilding of a decimated education system in Rwanda. Whilst continuing our work in Rwanda, HOPE: Education has since expanded into Uganda, Kenya, and Cambodia. HOPE: Education strengthens and builds the capacity of existing education organisations and NGO's through training. 

Education increases economic growth, helps families and communities to prosper, and empowers people to gain employment and live healthier, more fulfilling lives. Access to quality education is strongly linked to meeting other developmental goals (gender equality and empowerment of women, eradicating extreme poverty and hunger, reduce child mortality, etc.).  

Revival Palace

The Revival Palace Community project in Kigali, Rwanda helps locals to be a resource to their local community in the areas of education, counselling and small business. This partnership involves child education sponsorship, local school support and direct empowerment and training in a small community.

New Hope Homes

Partnered with HOPE: Global, New Hope Homes Rwanda is dedicated to freeing orphans and abandoned kids from despair and giving them true "hope" for their future.